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The weather alert is now over. Admiburgos are emailing all owners with information regarding the litmited damage that has occured. A copy of the new email is attached. 

Download this file (Owners Letter 20191205.pdf)Owners Letter 20191205.pdf[ ]143 kB

 Admiburgos have emailed all owners with the following alert

Dear owners,

We would like to inform you of a new alert for rain, according to which there will potentially be light rain on Monday 2nd December, heavy rain, possibly torrential, on Tuesday 3rd December, and light rain on Wednesday 4th December (but on wet ground, where the rain will not filter through).

The protection protocols have been activated, and decisions will be made depending on how the new weather alert evolves. In any case, as always, please take precautions, and keep away from garages and areas prone to flooding. Please do not go out onto the road when it is raining, and do not use minor roads; in particular, please avoid farm roads and service routes. Our wall has been rebuilt. Our new gates were installed a few days ago, and although the work is not yet finished (automatic controls, insulating rubber and reinforcements are still to be installed), there will be sufficient protection. The available barriers will be installed if necessary. Even so, please take personal precautions, and once it starts raining heavily, do not enter the garages; please also follow the instructions from ourselves, maintenance and security.

You can update the alert information at:

Webside of La Torre Golf Resort :  


Thank you very much for your attention.


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