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UPDATE 18/10/2019

  1. The latest weekly update from Admiburgos is being emailed to owners today and is also published on the website.

  2. Progress on the restoration of the internet service has been very limited this week. A2Z are facing two main challenges

    - Cables and connectors are still wet, and even if dried they soon become wet again.
    - A2Z are still waiting for replacement equipment which is supplied from overseas. This is specialist equipment which isn’t readily available and is often manufactured to order, hence the delays.

    A2Z will be providing an additional wifi hotspot around their office next week and are also looking at the feasibility of providing a temporary connection to some blocks. 

  3. Finally, this running commentary of flood updates has been used by the committee to update owners and residents of the flooding status. In addition to appearing on the website, it has been published on the official Latorreinfo Facebook page and shared to several independent Facebook groups. The committee has decided that now is an appropriate time to close this commentary.  In future we will revert to publishing any updates and community notices on the website. The Latorreinfo Facebook page will revert to its primary purpose of being used for our social activities. This page can be used to ask questions about social events but please do not use it for community matters

UPDATE 16/10/19 19:00

We have been advised that the contractors will need to close Abedejo again tomorrow (17th) from 8 am to 7 pm. 

UPDATE 15/10/19

Apologies for the short notice. Contractors working on the replacement flood defences have requested a road closure tomorrow Wednesday the 16th of October 2019 between 9.30am and 7.0pm Calle Abadejo and the Rambla

Ian Bell Security

We have also been informed that the water to the Town Centre Apartments is now at full pressure.

UPDATE 11/10/19

The weekly update from Admiburgos is available on the website - click here


UPDATE 09/10/19


The latest flood update was prepared following the well attended owner/residents meeting, Wednesday 9th October 2019.

In attendance Oscar, Javier and Amalia from Admiburgos, Ian Bell Security/Management Committee.

 1. All apartment blocks are almost clear of mud, the contractors are continuing to clean and powerhose all affected garages. As the electrical power is restored the generators will be removed. With a couple of exceptions all affected apartment blocks have electricity and water. As the garages dry out the electrical contractors will inspect and repair the emergency fire systems and lighting in the garages.

2. A number of apartment blocks are reliant on water pumps for their fresh water supplies. New pumps have been delivered and are being installed by Atlantir.
3. Streets and surrounding areas affected are being cleaned by STV. Concern was expressed about mud on the roads near the Town Centre.
It is hoped that once the hotel/conference centre car parks are cleared of mud this area can then be cleaned thoroughly.
4. Contractors and STV have started to pump out a number of swimming pools that have to be emptied because of mud deposits. In addition a number of pool pump houses have to be pumped out and repaired. New pump equipment may be required. In the meantime the pools will be cleared and cleaned to avoid any further damage and to avoid attracting mosquitos.
5. Our pest control contractors will start mosquito spraying tonight (9/10/2019) and again tomorrow and repeat the process in a few days time. It was explained that the golf course and areas around Pinatar were affected. As a matter of urgency our contractors will spray any areas that are affected.
6. Pinatar continue to clear their facilities, the reservoir/silt trap should be clear of stagnant water by tomorrow. Pinatar will then have to remove the silt/mud.
7. Temporary flood defences - Admiburgos monitors the long range weather forecasts for Spain/Murcia and currently the long range forecast shows only slight showers in our area for the next ten days
(a) new perimeter wall panels have been installed, Rambla/Calle Abadejo, Calle Marrajo and perimeter wall near GNK compound.
(b) temporary storm barriers have been purchased to cover the Rambla/Calle Abadejo area which will be supported by sandbags should they be deployed
(c) new reinforced rambla gates are being constructed and should be installed within the next 5-6 weeks
8. Long term measures
An Hydraulic Engineer is currently preparing a detailed report on the damage and effects of the recent floods to the resort. He will also be looking at the wider affects of the flood plain and recent developments which could have affected the Rambla flow. Also recommendations on measures to protect the resort. The meeting was advised that any subsequent decisions would be subject to AGM/EGM decisions by Presidents.
9. The meeting was informed that due to the magnitude of the recent storms, the loss of life and extensive damage, both the Local and Regional Government were taking the proposals for a long term solution to the National Government.
10. Otis and our maintenance team continue to work on restoring lifts as a matter of urgency.
11. A2Z likewise with internet/tv/telephone, but many of the areas still have considerable water damage.
12. Road repairs will be undertaken once all the contractors have completed the clean up.
13. Insurance claims
The meeting was advised that the Consortium is currently processing tens of thousands of claims from the three regions affected. And whilst they say they have 180 assessors, they are clearly overwhelmed. The Administrators have requested to the Consortium that claimants be advised asap. However no response has been received as of today.
14. 39 damaged cars remain in apartment garages and10 in the hotel.
15. Finally,the owners/residents thanked the group of volunteers who had brought relief to so many owner/residents on the resort.
16. Oscar added that lessons would be learnt and improvements made for the future.

Ian Bell Security


UPDATE 06/10/19 18:00

No updates to report, but a reminder that the next owner's meeting will be on Wednesday 9th October from 1030 to 1230 in the cabin behind the A2Z telecoms building on Denton. Admiburgos will be there to answer any questions you may have regarding the recent floods

Dave Clements IT & Telecoms

UPDATE 04/10/19 18:00

1.A detailed update has been sent from Admiburgos to all Presidents and owners, this spread shows the latest developments in restoring electricity and water to the apartment blocks affected by the floods. There is considerable work yet to be done replacing damaged circuit boards and clearing away mud

2.Our Maintenance team and contractors continue with the restoration of services, along with Otis for the lifts and A2Z for telephone and internet services

3.Admiburgos have just advised that all apartment blocks should have water and electricity supplies over the week end albeit the water pressure to some third floor apartments is reduced. New pumps arrived today and will be fitted hopefully on Monday by Atlantir

4.The town centre premises now have mains electricity

5.The pumping station on Calle Mero is now fully operational, new pumps will be installed next week

6.The damaged security wall panels will be replaced on Monday

7.A temporary emergency barrier to cover the Rambla/ Calle Abadejo are on order and should be received next week

8.Atlantir are progressing the clearing of the pump houses that were affected and will be clearing the pools that require additional attention early next week. As you will appreciate the priority has been to replace the damaged water pumps to the apartment blocks

9.The road and street clean up continues with our contractors and STV, please be aware that in some garages there is still quantities of mud, which is extremely slippery. We have already had a couple of persons injured in recent days

10.Our contractors have placed a number of skips near to the affected apartment blocks. Could Owners/Residents please place damaged property into these rather than blocking the garage ramps

11.Pinatar they are currently working on clearing the pitches and clearing the reservoir/silt trap. They have advised that they are currently in negotiations with the hotel. 

Ian Bell Security

UPDATE 04/10/19 17:30

The latest weekly status update has just been published as a PDF file on the latorreinfo.com website. Admiburgos have also supplied information relating to insurance claims, The information will also be emailed to owners by Admiburgos

Dave Clements IT & Telecoms

UPDATE 03/10/19 22:00

We have received the following update from A2Z regarding restoration of the internet. A2Z engineers are working in conjunction with the electricians who are continuing work to restore supplies. A2Z are hoping to have all internet services restored by the end of next week. If your block isn't mentioned below, or it shows service restored and you have problems please contact A2Z direct. 

Dave Clements IT & Telecoms

Phase II (C/Mero y C/ Anchoa)

Block Mero del 2 al 10 , NO SERVICE,   NODE completely broken, block 8 was completely flooded , we have to replace everything, once the rits have electricity again we will install the new one and restore the service, blocks 2 and 4 didn´t suffer damages but depends on the same Node.

Block Mero  12 to  62 , SERVICES ON

Anchoa 41 y 43  NO SERVICE,   NODE completely broken,

Phase III (C/ Anchoa y Salmonete)

Block Salmonete  1 TO  9  SERVICES ON

Block Anchoa  9 TO 39  NODE BROKEN, blocks 25 and 11 completely flooded we have to change everything as well ,

Phase 5, (C/ Abadejo del 13 al 25)


Phase 6, (C/ Abadejo del 1 al 11, y Atún)

Block C/ Atún 6  TO 14 NO SERVICE, NODE, on block 14 completely flooded, we have to change all the equipment

Block C/ Atún 2 y 4, y C/ Abadejo del 11 al 11 , TEMPORARY SERVICE, we replaced some equipment but the garages where flooded, so some of the equipment has failed, we will replace the damaged ones as soon as we receive it ,to restore the services completely.

Phase 7, Block C4, (C/ Congrio, Rascacio, Salmonete pares y Anchoa del 1 al 7)

NO SERVICE, Node Broken, we have to change everything

Phase 8, Block C5, (C/Bonito, Bacaladilla, Tintorera y Jurel)

NO SERVICE, Node Brocken, we have to change everything 

H1, Plaza Town Center,

NO SERVICE, Node Brocken, we have to change everything

Phase 9, Block C6, (C/ Arenque y C/ Abadejo Pares)


UPDATE 02/10/19 20:00

1. Admiburgos have advised that the following blocks now have power 

New buildings ( entrances ) reconnected: 


ALCORNOCAL 2, st  ANCHOA 29, 33, 35 

ENCINAR 2, st  ANCHOA 29, 33, 35 

LIMONAR 4 st, ANCHOA 9, 11 

PALMERAL 4, st ANCHOA 15, 17 

ROBLEDAL 3, st ANCHOA 19 Y 21 

TOWN CENTER Nº 1 Y 3    



2. Ian Bell has added the following 

Although the electricity has been restored we are working to ensure that water pumps in some blocks require repairing

And that ALL these areas are still subject of extensive cleaning

Admiburgos will send out to Presidents and owners notice when both electricity and water are fully restored

Our staff and contractors are making good progress 

3. We have asked A2Z for an update on progress in restoring the internet to all properties. This will be published as soon as it is received

4. Finally, if your property is without water, please ensure your taps are turned off. We know of one property where they weren't and when the water was restored the water overflowed and has flooded the apartment below.

UPDATE 02/10/19 14:00

Please note: Flood damaged vehicles that have been removed from the flooded apartment garages fall into a number of categories

1.Hire vehicles this category accounts for about 60 percent of vehicles The different hire leasing companies have arranged recovery to their various premise

2.Vehicles reported to insurance companies by the owners and recovered by the Insurers to their own premises Approximately 10 percent of vehicles

3.The remaining vehicles either remain in the garage or have been recovered to adjacent streets The vast majority of all these vehicles have sustained serious damage by the water and mud ingress Those remaining will undoubtedly deteriorate if not attended to soon

The details of all recovered vehicles being removed from the Resort are being recorded by security.

Ian Bell Security

UPDATE 01/10/19 23:00

The concentration over the last few days have been on the apartment blocks adjacent to Calle Anchoa which sustained considerable mud ingress

The electricians have gained access to these blocks and are in the process of replacing  all the electric circuit boards in these garages

The clean up on the affected streets has continued with all the damaged property and debri being removed It is hoped that STV should then be able to clear the majority of mud from Calle Anchoa and Calle Atún and the surrounding area

The removal of almost 200 damaged cars is almost complete

The pumping out of the lift pits continues there has been some delay awaiting replacement parts but it is hoped to increase the number of lifts brought back to use over the next few days

Our Administrators have been in contact with the Management of Pinatar and we await a response regarding their proposals

As electricity and water is restored Admiburgos will advise Presidents and owners of the apartment blocks affected

Overall the clean up and restoration phase is on schedule for completion later this week

The hotel and Town Centre may take a few days more

The replacement of some of the perimeter wall panels will commence tomorrow or Thursday

Ian Bell, Security 

UPDATE 29/09/19 09:30

Admiburgos have advised that our Maintenance Team and Contractors have made good progress yesterday.

Bonito 2,4,6,9,10,12,14 and Anchoa 9,11,13 have been re connected to electricity and main water supplies The clean up of these areas still continues with the garages still requiring some work along with the roads and pavements.

Our contractors will continue in other areas todayas the clean up continues.

Ian Bell Security

 UPDATE 28/09/19 10:00

1. Admiburgos circulated information to all Presidents Vice Presidents and Owners advising them of the current work being undertaken by our staff and outside contractors to restore the Resort to an habitable condition. The priority still remains to clear out the water and mud and restore the electricity and water supplies as soon as possible.Those residing on the resort will appreciate the magnitude of the task. Those garages affected by mud are particularly dangerous underfoot. Owners/residents are requested not to enter until advised that they are clear

The latest update as of this morning

2, Phase 7 Enebral, Almendral, Rosaleda, Alamoa, are clear of water and the contractors are clearing away the substantial amounts of mud. On some blocks the electrical contractors have gained access and are checking the systems. Please note that the clearing of the mud could take up to 4 more days.

3. Phase 8 Nogueral,Cipresal,Cerezal ,Membaillara, as at Phase 7

4. Town Centre,significant amount of mud together with chippings,4-5 feet in depth,3-4 days to clear then electrical contractors can enter.

5. Calle Anchoa, all garages now clear of water, significant amount of mud, chippings. In the process of removing flood ruined personal property, wrecked cars

7. As advised by Admiburgos, our security and maintenance staff together with all our contractors, STV will work throughout the weekend

8.The road in Calle Anchoa is subsiding in several places, we have plated these depressions and limited the weight carried by the bowsers emptying the Pumping Station

Please drive carefully and slowly.

9.The Central roundabouts through the resort haver numerous bricks missing, cyclists pedestrians please be aware and again motorists take care and drive slowly.

10.We have saught assistance from the Town Hall with the repairs of the pumping station Calle Anchoa/Mero They have staff in attendance this morning.

11.A great deal of property, cycles, golf sets, vehicles, storage boxes etc which have had to be removed from apartment garages. This property has been totally ruined. Owners are advised to register an insurance claim on Admiburgos dedicated e-mail address. At some stage soon this property will have to be removed in order for the clean up to be complete. Photographs have and will continue to be taken. The Consortium have advised Admiburgos that they will accept this as part of any claim.

12.We are aware that with the current ground water and high temperatures that mosquitos will breed. Our Pest Control Contractors are monitoring the situation and will advise us of any action required.

13. A2Z,Atlantir staff are on site daily following up as power is restored

14. The resort remains vulnerable from future heavy rain/floods, Admiburgos and your Management Team are working daily on an interim contingency plan to deal with these situations

15. We are most grateful to those volunteers who are helping out, and recognise that some owners/residents are concerned that the clean up is not happening as quickly as they would like. The previous Gota Fria was half the magnitude of our recent floods, took over 12 weeks to return the resort to some resemblance of order. Everyone involved is working as hard as possible, long hours in very difficult conditions. Your support is greatly appreciated

16. Te dedicated address for insurance claims is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Ian Bell

UPDATE 27/09/19 18:30

Admiburgos have published a full status update. It can be read here and is also being emailed to all owners

 UPDATE 24/09/19 21:30

Latest information from Admiburgos

1. Phase 9 water and electricity restored Otis still working on the lifts General power wash cleaning underway Calle Atún garages 2,6,8 electricity water restored this evening

2. Garages on Calle Abedejo should have electricity restored tomorrow morning

3. Pizarro have reinstated most of the resorts street lighting

4. Contractors continue to work on other garages affected by the floods The removal of the mud could take up to a week or more before the electrical contractors can check the electrical systems and restore the services

Ian Bell Security

UPDATE 24/09/19 10:00

1. Calle Abedejo/Rambla is now OPEN to vehicles and pedestrians
2. Please drive carefully and be aware that some grids may be open at times whilst road cleaning continues
3.Pedestrians/cyclists be especially aware of some holes in the road and missing bricks on the roundabouts etc
4 The electrical contractors are now working in a number of garages to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs we will advise later in the morning which apartment garages they are working in please be advised that some repairs will undoubtedly require replacement motors and pumps before water supplies can be connected. Admiburgos and your Management team understand some owners being frustrated as no exact time/date can be given for the resumption of services But as you will appreciate Safety is paramount
5 the contractors will continue to repair the street lighting
6. Otis have drafted in extra staff to assist with the lift restoration work
7 The street/road clean up continues with STV 

Ian Bell Security

The A2Z office in the town centre has reopened but with limited staff there

Dave Clements IT & Telecoms

UPDATE 23/09/19 19:00

1 Unfortunately Calle Abadejo The Rambla will have to remain closed today and overnight Difficulties in removing the mud and the use of heavy plant and for for overall safety The contractors and STV are working in very difficult conditions to clear this area
Pedestrians can still access the Town Centre at this point Please be careful of heavy plant operating in this area
2. Some Town Centre premises are now open Please check social media for opening times
3 Our Maintenance team together with Otis are working to reinstate some apartment lifts
4 The priority still remains to clear all garages of mud and re connect the electricity and water supply
5 The sewage pumping station at Calle Anchoa/Mero has broken down which is requiring continual pumping out and transporting of effluent to suitable disposal sites
6 Emergency water supplies remain at the front and rear gates to the resort along with charging points for phones I pads
7 Whilst The clean up continues Admiburgos and your Management Team are working on an interim contingency plan in the event of further heavy rain

Ian Bell

UPDATE 21/09/19 18:00

Temporary flood protection measures across the Rambla will have to remain in place for some time

As the clean up continues there is a considerable amount of mud to remove from the garages

Pedestrians can now walk through the Rambla please take care as plant is operating in the area

Weather permitting the gap in the temporary wall will remain open throughout the night and tomorrow Security will be in attendance

Dependent on how the clean up progresses Calle Abedejo could open for vehicular traffic on Monday further information will be circulated in due course

Ian Bell Security

UPDATE 20/09/19 19:30

Further to the report that Admiburgos have just circulated :

Admiburgos are continually monitoring the Regional weather warnings overnight early morning there may be isolated thunder storms the projected rainfall should not pose a threat to this Region However our Maintenance team and extra security staff will remain on site overnight Together with the outside contractors who are continuing to clean up the garages etc Calle Abadejo/the Rambla will stay closed until we are satisfied that there is no risk

The Town Centre bars/restaurants have been cleaning all day and now have generator power. The individual proprietors will announce how and when they attend to open.

We have been working to secure the breaches temporarily in the wall.

The clean up will continue throughout the weekend The priority is to return water and electricity services to all properties on the resort. 

Be aware that the Service Road around the resort has some large pot holes

Emergency drinking water is avail able at both the front and rear entrances to the resort There are also re charging points at these locations for phones and iPads and wifi at the front gate and the cabin behind the telecoms tower

In the event of an Emergency contact Security on 968032999

UPDATE 20/09/19 19:00

A full report showing the status of all facilities has been published and can be read here

UPDATE 19/09/19 12:30

The latest update from Admiburgos and the Security Team 

1. All apartment blocks should be clear of water (excluding lift pits) by early evening today

2. The clearing of mud will continue, which could take two or three days, following which the electrical supply will need checking.

3. Some properties have already had electricity restored but it could take a few days for normal supplies even longer if there are any problems

4. The Town Centre garages still have two to three feet of water, the heavy duty pumps are working well and should clear the water by tomorrow evening. The clearing of the mud could take 4-7 days. It is to early to estimate the damage or the re installation of electricity supplies to this area

5.Leisure Outlets have started to clean their properties and are hopeful to re-open some time early next week. We have suggested portable generators may assist in bringing services on line sooner. We will update if anything definitive is received

6.Road cleaning continues along with areas of the town centre

7. Temporary security fencing has been ordered to secure the breaches in the perimeter wall

8.The Rambla Area road near Calle Abadejo should be open Saturday 21st September 2019 if not sooner, details will be circulated when the road is open albeit traffic flow will have to be managed whilst the temporary flood defences are in place

9. Numerous apartment garage doors have been broken, repairs may take some weeks

10 Repairs to security systems are being progressed

11.Once again many thanks to those volunteers assisting on the Resort your response has been fantastic:

Remember please contact Security in any emergency 968032999

Ian Bell

Update 18/09/19 21:00

For those without internet A2Z have made available two wifi hotspots. The hotspots are located at the main gate and the cabin behind the A2Z telecom tower (the same location as the charging points). The wifi name is A2Z FREE and no password is needed.

Update 18/09/19 11:30

The latest information from Admiburgos

1 The clean up continues with most apartment garages clear of water Our maintenance team and contractors are clearing the mud whilst the electricity contractors are checking the electricity systems

2 we are continuing to pump out lift shafts so that Otis Engineers can check and re engage the apartment lifts ASAP

3 The street clean up continues

4 The situation regarding the temporary closure of the road through the Rambla will be considered today

5 Further pumps will be arriving today

6 We will be discussing with Town Centre franchise possible opening dates todayThe clean up And securing of vulnerable properties continues our security staff are ensuring the resort remains as secure as possible

7 The community spirit cannot be praised enough More information to follow :

Ian Bell

Update 17/09/19

Spanish translation from Marco Corral (thank you)

  1. Acceso a internet – A2Z están trabajando para reestablecer el servicio a las zonas que aún no disponen de cobertura. Han informado que internet, tv y teléfonos han sido reestablecidos en Abadejo 1, 3, 5, 7 Atún 2 y 4, siguen trabajando en el resto de bloques en Abadejo. Sigue habiendo zonas donde no les es posible acceder. Para ayudar a aquellos propietarios que aún no tienen acceso a internet , se le ha pedido a A2Z proveer zonas de acceso WiFi en el resort. Esperamos poder proveer dos zonas que serán junto a la entrada principal y la caseta de la comunidad detrás del centro de telecomunicaciones de A2Z. Tan pronto este el servicio disponible se publicarán datos de cómo acceder.
  2. El hotel ha sufrido importantes daños debido a las inundaciones y su Director General ha avisado que estará cerrado hasta el 1 de Enero 2020
  3. Se le ha pedido a STV que suspendan el servicio de mantenimiento rutinario para que dirijan todos sus esfuerzos a la limpieza del resort.
  4. Contrario a lo que se ha publicado en varios grupos de redes sociales, Admiburgos ha informado que el consorcio en este caso NO establecerá un límite de tiempo para recibir reclamaciones NI DEL IMPORTE de las reclamaciones
  1. Internet Access – A2Z are working to restore access to the remaining areas of the resort. They have reported that internet, television and phone has been restored to Abadejo, 1, 3, 5, 7 atún 2 y 4 and were working on other blocks in Abadejo today. There are still parts of the resort that they cannot access. To assist owners without internet access we have asked A2Z to provide wi-fi hot spots on the resort. We are hoping to provide two locations at the main gate and the cabin behind the A2Z tower. As soon as these are available further details will be published on how to gain access.
  2. The hotel has suffered extensive damage due to the flooding and the General Manager has advised that it will be closed until January 1st
  3. STV have been asked to suspend routine maintenance and to direct all their efforts on the clean-up of the resort.
  4. Contrary to posts made of several social media groups, Admiburgos have advised the consortium confirmed there is NO time limit applicable to making claims and NO limit to the compensation claim. 
    Download this file (nota_170919-en.pdf)nota_170919-en.pdf[ ]93 kB
    Download this file (nota_170919.pdf)nota_170919.pdf[ ]98 kB

Dave Clements
IT & Telecoms

Update 16/09/19 20:20


Estimados propietarios : 

Una nueva actualización de la situación de La Torre Golf Resort:

1- Ya han llegado nuevas bombas extractoras de agua al Resort, y se espera esta noche la llegada de otras dos más de tipo industrial como gran capacidad de extracción de agua. Estamos trabajando en restablecer los servicios urgentemente.      

2- Los Edificios de Los Sauces y Los Tilos ya tienen luz ( excepto Abadejo 14, 16, 18 and 20) y agua, y seguimos trabajando para restituir los servicios en los demás edificios que faltan.

3- Se han habilitado a disposición de los propietarios puestos de carga de móviles, pc's, etc., en el exterior de la torre de las pulseras (24), en el exterior de las garitas de vigilancia (20 puntos en cada una), y en el exterior de la cabina de donde se hacen las reuniones (16), a disposición de los propietarios.   

4 -Les recordamos que hay un camión-depósito con agua potable en la entrada principal del Resort y cajas de agua en ambas entradas. Durante esta mañana de nuevo se acabó el suministro de agua en la entrada de atrás, pero en estos momentos ya se ha restablecido.


5. Si tiene vecinos que hayan tenido que ser desalojados, ya sean propietarios, inquilinos o invitados, o que estén sin luz y sin agua, puede recomendarles que busquen un hotel donde alojarse. El seguro del Resort cubrirá taxi, y la habitación con desayuno. 

Los gastos deberán ser justificados con factura oficial o contrato entre particulares, y se podrán gestionar a través de la cuenta de correo creada para el efecto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

6. Por favor tomen precauciones y en caso de emergencia contacten con seguridad  968032999

Le recordamos que todas las actualizaciones aparecen también en latorreinfo.com 


Un cordial saludo,


Dear owners : 

A new update regarding the situation on La Torre Golf Resort:

1- New water extractor pumps have now arrived on the Resort, and we are waiting for the arrival tonight of a further two of industrial type, with significant water-extracting capacity.

2- The Subcomunities of Los Sauces and Los Tilos now have electricity ( except Abadejo 14, 16, 18 y 20 ) and water, and we are continuing to work to restore services in other subcommunities that are still lacking them.

3- Charging points for mobiles, pc's, etc., have been provided for owners outside the wristband tower (24), outside the security checkpoint (20 points in each), and outside the meeting hut (16); all of these are available to owners.  

4.Please be advised that there is again a water bowser available at the main entrance to the Resort. In addition supplies of emergency drinking water are available at the front  security post.  


5.If you have neighbours who have had to leave their homes, Whether they are owners renters or guests, or are without power or water, you can recommend that they look to be accommodated in a local hotel. The resorts insurance will cover transfer costs and room with breakfast.

As you will appreciate all expenses must be justified by official invoice or private rent contract. This will be managed through the e-mail account created for this purpose: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Please remain safe. In an emergency please contact Security on 968032999

We also remind you that all updates appear too on latorreinfo.com 

Kind regards,



Update 16/09/19 14:30

Admiburgos have arranged the following mobile telephone re- charging points (40 connections) that will remain in place until further notice. They are located as follows:

1. Resort front entrance, the small towers adjacent to the Security Office

2. The community cabin behind the A2Z tower Calle Emperador/Denton

3. The security post, rear entrance 

Ian Bell

Update 16/09/19 13:15

1.As advised by Admiburgos yesterday, the clean up is continuing with 20 extra pumps and 3 bowsers being deployed as soon as they can be delivered during the day

Priority is being given to deploying to pumping out the apartment garages and the resumption of electricity to these properties. Admiburgos will advise at the earliest opportunity when services are resumed to the individual apartment blocks. The contractors and our maintenance staff are making good progress.

2.The road clean up continues, with STV staff, priority is being given to the main roads through the resort. There is a considerable amount of mud in certain areas, please avoid these areas.

3. The water bowser will remain at the main gate until further notice, a limited supply of emergency bottled water are available at the front and rear security posts

4.Admiburgos are installing a number of charging points for mobile phones I-pads, details of locations will be published in the next hour.

5.Our grateful thanks to those volunteers assisting neighbours with the clean up.

6.The Hotel and Town Centre garages continue to be pumped out

7. As always in an emergency contact Security 968032999 

Ian Bell

Update 15/09/19 20:00

The latest update from Admiburgos which has been emailed to presidents and vice presidents

Estimado Presidente/Vice-presidente,

Le actualizamos las últimas noticias de La Torre.

1. Hemos recibido información de que la compañía del agua ha reparado ya su estación de bombeo, y están trabajando en la limpieza de los depósitos. Algunas zonas del Resort deberán estar ya recibiendo agua en breve. Algunos bloques de apartamentos seguirán sin agua en Edificios CIPRESAL, NOGUERAL, CEREZAL, MEMBRILLAR, ALAMEDA, ROSALEDA, ENEBRAL, ALMENDRAL, LOS TILOS, LAS ACACIAS, LOS SAUCES Y TOWNCENTER, porque el suministro de agua en estos edificios requiere electricidad. Estamos trabajando en restablecer los servicios urgentemente.    

2. Les recordamos que hay un camión-depósito con agua potable en la entrada principal del Resort y cajas de agua en ambas entradas. Durante esta mañana se acabó el suministro de agua en la entrada de atrás, pero en estos momentos ya se ha restablecido.

3. Se han adquirido varias mangueras/alargaderas de cable eléctrico para ayudar a dar electricidad en algunas zonas. Si alguien cree con ellas puede ayudar a algún vecino puede pedirlas en seguridad.

4. El equipo de mantenimiento y varios contratistas externos está trabajando para devolver la normalidad al Resort, con bombas extractoras. LLegarán más refuerzos de otra ciudades mañana y pasado.

5. Si tiene vecinos que hayan tenido que ser desalojados, ya sean propietarios, inquilinos o invitados, o que estén sin luz y sin agua, puede recomendarles que busquen un hotel donde alojarse. El seguro del Resort cubrirá taxi, y la habitación con desayuno. 

Los gastos deberán ser justificados con factura oficial o contrato entre particulares, y se podrán gestionar a través de la cuenta de correo creada para el efecto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

6. Por favor tomen precauciones y en caso de emergencia contacten con seguridad  968032999

Le recordamos que todas las actualizaciones aparecen también en latorreinfo.com 



Dear President/Vice-President,

We wish to update you with the latest news from La Torre

I. We are advised that the water company have now repaired the pumping station, and are still working on cleaning the main tanks. Some areas of the Resort should be receiving supplies later this afternoon. Some of the apartment blocks (CIPRESAL, NOGUERAL, CEREZAL, MEMBRILLAR, ALAMEDA, ROSALEDA, ENEBRAL, ALMENDRAL, LOS TILOS, LAS ACACIAS, LOS SAUCES Y TOWNCENTER) currently have no electrical supply and the systems in these blocks to supply water require electricity. We are working as a matter of urgency to restore these services.  

2.Please be advised that there is a water bowser available at the main entrance to the Resort. In addition supplies of emergency drinking water are available at the front and rear security posts.

3. Many extension electricity cords have been brought to the Resort to help the neighbours with electricity supply and are at their disposal in case they are needed. 

4. Our Maintenance team and external contractors are working hard to return the Resort to normality, with pumps, bowsers etc. More equipment and staff will be arriving form other cities tomorrow and Tuesday

5.If you have neighbours who have had to leave their homes, Whether they are owners renters or guests, or are without power or water, you can recommend that they look to be accommodated in a local hotel. The resorts insurance will cover transfer costs and room with breakfast.

As you will appreciate all expenses must be justified by official invoice or private rent contract. This will be managed through the e-mail account created for this purpose: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Please remain safe. In an emergency please contact Security on 968032999


Update 15/09/19 15:15

Hidrogea are advising the water will resume shortly

Update 14/09/19 20:00 supplied by Admiburgos

All those residents affected by the power cuts who doesn't have an alternative place to stay can book a hotel room, as the cost will be reinburst later by the Insurance Consortium, along with transfers and breakfasts. All costs needs to be able to be justified with invoices/receipts.

The water supply won't be operational today, as they still have to repair the plant and clean the Roldan deposits. This last part could take several days. The water company has supplied a drinking water tanker at the Resort entrance, which will be available until 12 pm and tomorrow from 8 am until 12 pm, if you need to collect drinking water. 

But for those residents also affected by the power cuts, we recommend you to take a hotel room.

Aquellos residentes afectados por los cortes de electricidad y que no tengan un sitio alternativo para quedarse, pueden ir a  hospedarse a un hotel, dado que los costes serán re-embolsados por el Consorcio de Seguros (alojamiento desayuno y taxi). Todos estos gastos deberán justificarse con facturas/recibos. 

El suministro de agua no se restablecerá hoy, dado que deben realizar reparaciones en la impulsion y limpiar los depósitos de Roldán. Esto último puede llevar varios días. La empresa suministradora ha puesto a disposición de los vecinos un camión cisterna con agua potable, el cual está ya disponible en la entrada principal del Resort hasta las 12 de la noche y mañana de 8 de la mañana a las 12 de la noche, si se necesita recoger agua. 

Pero para aquellos residentes afectados por cortes de electricidad, les recomendamos que se reubiquen en un hotel.


Update 14/09/19 Update 14/09/19 19:25

The water company will continue to work on the resorts supply some areas have now had the supply restored.Admiburgos have tried to obtain bottled water from the Utility Company to no avail We have therefore purchased an emergency supply which is available at the front and rear security gate Please only use this if necessary as the supply is limited Admiburgos will be advising owners/residents having accommodation problems as To arrangements for alternative accommodation and reimbursement etc hopefully within the next hour or so Admiburgos help line will remain operative until further notice The clean up will start as soon as possible priority given to clearing the garages and restoring electricity lifts etc Stay safe and call Security in an emergency Ian Bell Security

Update 14/09/19 16:00

I have spoken to A2Z. Although they have managed to restore the internet to some areas there are many parts of the resort where the amplifiers have no power and may have been damaged by the water. At present they are unable to get access to many of these areas They are working to restore the service as quickly as possible

Dave Clements
IT  & Telecoms

Update 14/09/19 10:55

As previously informed the water company are working hard to restore the Resorts supply and some areas have a supply As to the quality of the water Admiburgos have requested advice in the meantime we would recommend bearing in mind the current situation that this water is not used for drinking/cooking As soon as definitive advice is received Admiburgos will advise owners In the meantime Admiburgos are arranging emergency supplies of drinking water We are advised the resort supermarket has supplies albeit these are reducing We are aware that any emergency supplies will have to be sited at both sides of the resort Further information to follow Ian Bell Security 

Update 14/09/19 10:30

Admiburgos our Maintenance and Security Team spent a tense night monitoring the heavy rainfall which hit the resort in the early hours As you know the water course across the Region is in flood and whilst no further rain is expected locally rain falling elsewhere is unpredictable coupled with expected high winds Admiburgos are collating all damage reports on the e mail address circulated yesterday They are in contact with the water utilities company whose local pumping station is flooded They are working on the situation but no time scale has been given as at 9.0am this morning Admiburgos have requested emergency provision of drinking water More information to follow when a response is received Electricity supplies are intermittent across the resort A contingency plan is in place to commence operation clean up once the water in the Ramble subsides The community spirit has been outstanding and thanks to those letting agents who promptly assisted Admiburgos in the re housing of our residents Stay safe do not travel unless absolutely necessary In an Emergency contact Security 968032999

Ian Bell


Update 13/09/19 18:15

For those without a water supply, we have just seen a tweet from Hidrogea saying the water supply will NOT be restored today at La Torre

Update 13/09/19 09:30

Admiburgos has emailed all owners

Estimados vecinos : lamentamos decirles q la fuerza de las lluvias han desbordado las defensas contra inundaciones sobre las cuatro de la madrugada causado graves daños. Por favor piensen que lo único importante ahora es su protección personal. Para los daños materiales están las compañías de seguros. Por ello es importante ahora que se mantengan alejados de sus casas y en lugar seguro hasta que pase la alerta de lluvias y por favor no intenten desplazamientos en coche pues todas las carreteras alrededor del Resort están cortadas, y no hay suministro de agua pues se ve que las instalaciones de la compañía de agua también se han inundado. Por favor a los propietarios que están dentro del Resort y especialmente a los que han sido evacuados, les pedimos que ni se desplacen en coche ni andando dentro del Resort pues la fuerza del agua es brutal y aún esperamos mucha agua que baja de otras zonas fuera del Resort. A todos en general les decimos que mantengan la calma hasta que el tiempo mejore, y las máquinas extractoras de agua  puedan trabajar. Hay daños en el sistema  de agua potable ( fuera del Resort). Hay daños en muchas calles del Resort. Tenemos constancia de daños en Calle Abadejo, Arenque, Atún, Anchoa, Town Center, Rémora, Mero, Serrano, Tintoreta, pez espada y posiblemente en algunas zonas de Calle Denton y Cazón. Hay zonas sin luz ( aunque la compañía de electricidad a las 5.30 am ha reparado una avería ). Nuestras oficinas también han sufrido daños. 

Si usted está asegurado, estos riesgos por CATÁSTROFE NATURAL están cubiertos por el Consorcio General de Seguros Español.    

Se ha abierto un email especial para coordinar todos los daños, por lo que cualquier daño relacionado con estas lluvias que tengan deben enviarlo a este email : 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ya llegará el momento de evaluar y reclamar daños pero AHORA NO ARRIESGUEN SUS VIDAS INNECESARIAMENTE. 

El equipo de ADMIBURGOS. 


Dear owners,

Unfortunately we must inform you that the strength of the rain broke through the anti-flood defences at four in the morning, causing serious damage. Please remember that the only important thing now is your own personal protection. Insurance companies can take care of the material damage. For this reason, it is now important that you stay in a safe place away from your properties until the rain alert has passed, and please do not try to make any journeys by car as all the roads around the Resort are cut off, and there is no water supply as the water company's facilities have clearly also been flooded. To those owners who are inside the Resort and particularly to those have been evacuated, we would please ask you not to travel by car or on foot inside the Resort as the force of the water is brutal and we are still expecting a lot of water to arrive from other areas outside the Resort. To everyone in general, we would ask you to keep calm until the weather improves, and the water extraction machines can start to work. There is damage to the drinking water system (outside the Resort). There is damage in many streets on the Resort. We are aware of damage on Calle Abadejo, Arenque, Atún, Anchoa, Town Center, Rémora, Mero, Serrano, Tintoreta, Pez Espada and possibly in some areas of Calle Denton and Cazón. There are areas without electricity (although the electricity company repaired a breakdown at 5.30 am). Our offices have also suffered damage. 

If you are insured, these risks for NATURAL DISASTERS are covered by the Spanish General Insurance Consortium.    

A special email account has been opened in order to coordinate all the damage, so if you have any damages related to this rain, you should contact this email address: 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There will be time in the future to assess and claim for damages, but NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO RISK YOUR LIVES UNNECESSARILY.  


La Torre Golf Resort  Autovía Murcia-San Javier Km12  30709  Roldán
Tlf: 0034 968 031 031
Fax: 0034 968 031 091
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
WEB: www.admiburgos.com  
Tlf: 0034 968 031 031 


Update 13/09/19 09:15

The hotel basement kitchens are now flooded.There has been a few areas where the electricity supply has been disrupted Engineers are on site working on this situation The water supply throughout the resort has also been affected Water ingress is affecting about 70 percent of the resort to some degree Our priority is the safety of owners and residents Admiburgos our maintenance team  and Security have been working throughout the night and additional staff will be brought in when it’s safe to do so When possible check on neighbours A large number of owners who were evacuated yesterday are now accommodated in the hotel and villas and Townhouses obtained by Admiburgos More rain is forecast for the Region which affects the Resort and surrounding area In an emergency contact security 968032999

Ian Bell Security

Update 13/09/19 07:45 

Admiburgos will be e mailing an update and contact details to all owners as soon as possible The resort has sustained serious flooding in a number of areas especially phase 9 and areas surrounding the Rambla The surrounding area has also suffered and the emergency services are currently deployed in a rescue phase Please do not attempt to travel as many roads are impassable In an emergency  contact security on  968032999

Ian Bell Security

Updated 12/09/19 14:50

We have just received this 

Unfortunately this is to let you know that the head of police has just called us to order us to evacuate the Communities of apartments near the stretch of water on calle Abadejo and other areas. Please, all of you, cooperate fully with security, maintenance and the staff from our administration. We will all remain on the Resort in order to help with whatever we can. This will start with vacating ground floor areas on calle Abadejo, but also on other streets, in order, from highest to lowest risk. An accommodation plan has been drawn up for the Hotel Hilton La Torre, and if the hotel fills up, space in other properties will be sought, and maybe people will have to be patient and wait in the hotel café whilst accommodation is being prepared. 

Many thanks.  


Updated : 11/09/19 16:30

Dear Presidents and Vice-presidents,, 

Unfortunately we need to inform you that the rain alert has worsened to red, which is the maximum level of alert. For this reason, we would like to remind you that you must take precautions, remove vehicles from garages, and above all, be extremely attentive to the progress of the storm, as it is highly likely that some areas of properties will need to be evacuated. We are particularly concerned about ground floor properties that may be occupied, but if water reaches ground floor properties, this may affect the whole building and its electricity supply, etc. We have coordinated plans with security, maintenance, the police, and the Public Safety services, but we also need you yourselves to be aware. We do not wish to alarm you, but IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ARE ALERT, and if you are able to, please talk to your neighbours in order to try and ensure that this message reaches visitors, tenants, etc.

We also recommend that you look for torches with batteries, store water in baths, and lock doors and windows, as a great deal of wind is expected. Your mobiles should have the battery charged up, and you should avoid travelling during the period of the alert, which is from tonight until at least Friday 13th.

You can update this information at http://www.aemet.es/es/eltiempo/prediccion/avisos?w=pmna

Kind regards, 



This email has been sent to all owners by Admiburgos. Please note that the images mentioned in the email were not in the email received by us.

Dear owners,

We at the Administration of La Torre Golf Resort would like to inform you of the latest news that we have received regarding the ORANGE LEVEL WEATHER ALERT. 

Starting from 23.00 hours on Wednesday 11th September throughout the entire Region of Murcia, there will be an orange alert for heavy rain with strong winds, which is predicted to last until Friday; however, the exact time is as yet unknown. 

  • Predicted phenomena 

Level of risk 





Accumulated rainfall in one hour: 40 mm
Accumulated rainfall in 12 hours: 100 mm

Geographical area 


Starting from 

Thursday 12th September 2019 at 00:00 hours (official)


Friday 13th September 2019 at 00:00 hours (official)




It will continue to rain throughout the following day 

Storms will arrive with strong winds, which means that the situation could change at any moment. There is a very high probability that La Torre will be affected, with heavy and/or intense rain, which may be very strong locally, and at times accompanied by concentrated storms, so for this reason, and as a precaution, the Flood Protection Protocol will be activated throughout the Resort, particularly in the most sensitive areas; we therefore need you to cooperate with this Administration and with the Security and Maintenance service of the Resort. Some garages will be cleared, gates closed, and doorways protected, along with other protection measures. We repeat: your full cooperation is required.    

  • Please take note of the following plan showing, in red, the garages and subcommunities where you are strongly recommended to remove your vehicles and valuables from storage areas before 20.00 hours tomorrow, Wednesday 11th September 2019. The accesses to these garages will reamin closed from this time. 
    • Los Sauces, Las Acacias, Los Tilos, Castañar 5, Naranjal 2, Alcornocal 3, Encinar 4, Limonar 5, Hayedo 2, Chopera 2, Palmeral 2, Limonar 2, Castañar 2.
  • Please take note of the following plan showing, in orange, garages and subcommunities where it is recommended to take the precaution of removing your vehicles from the garage if you consider this to be appropriate.
    • Madroñal 3, Encinar 3, Cipresal, Nogueral, Cerezal, Membrillar, Alameda, Rosaleda, Enebral, Almendral, Limonar 4, Palmeral 4, Robledal 3, Castañar 4, Encinar 2, Alcornocal 2.  

Please take extreme caution and stay particularly away from areas prone to flooding, such as garages and ramblas, both inside and outside the Resort (see alert map). We will probably be forced to close calle Abadejo. If you must travel by car or on foot, please do so before or after the hours of the alert, not during it. If you do need to take the risk of going out, please leave your cars in areas where they are allowed to exit, avoiding calle Abadejo.  

A team from Admiburgos will be on alert, as well as two Maintenance staff and the security team, but all the same, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY UNNECESSARY RISKS!   

You can update this information at http://www.aemet.es/es/eltiempo/prediccion/avisos?w=pmna

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