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Giving credit where it’s due for a job well done and to see how much work goes into ensuring that it’s a job well done.  

Following the announcement on the web page of the 9th of August:  "Improvement to the storm water exit at the end of Calle Anchoa at the junction with Calle Mero is due to commence week beginning 20th August. The two existing openings are being replaced with two larger openings. The new openings will allow for an improved flow of storm water leaving La Torre."

September 9th - The replacement flood water exit openings in Calle Mero/Anchoa have now been completed

The hydraulic flow calculations for the fluvial flow that arrives in this area were undertaken by Raúl Herrero Miñano, Engineer of roads, canals and ports. 

The design, tenders and project management of the works was undertaken by Raul Lorente the maintenance manager and Architect on the staff of Admiburgos. 

The concept and overall fluvial flow protection projects are overseen by a committee member, Robert Monks our Chartered Engineer and Technical Adviser

In addition our Administrator Admiburgos and legal adviser were also involved with the scheme.

Picture 1 before works commenced
Picture 2 the finished works
Picture 3 cordoned off and signed works area
Picture 4 new steel beams and security fence being erected
Picture 5 diversion of services  

Flood1 wall opening before works Flood 2 finished openings in wall calle anchoa
Flood 3 wall opening pic Flood 5 wall opening pic
Flood 4 wall opening  

This scheme will alleviate the damming of fluvial flow water against the inside of the perimeter wall and reduce flooding levels in the area. It will also allow surface storm water flow from the whole of Calle Mero and part of Calle Anchoa to escape as the existing storm water drainage in this area does not function correctly due to a design error when La Torre was built. The scheme will also substantially reduce the risk of flooding the sewage pump station which is in the same area.

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