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Using the Communal Swimming Pools - Additional information and explanation of the Rules for 2017

This document should be read in conjunction with the pool rules which can be found here:

  • Please be aware that there are no pool lifeguards or attendants and users are asked to take extra care when using the pools, especially with young children. You should abide by the rules that are posted on the boards, most of which are for your safety.
  • Please use the toilet before using the pool.
  • Please shower before using the pool. Not only is this a consideration to other bathers but is a legal requirement in Murcia.
  • Wear only bathing clothes. No swimming fully clothed. Babies and young children MUST wear swim nappies. Young children can wear swim suits and sun hats. Others can wear tee shirts to protect them against further sunburn. Baseball caps, for example, can also be worn should there be a legitimate reason for wearing one.
  • No inflatables. These are considered dangerous to other bathers, particularly in the smaller pools. However, children can wear inflatable buoyancy aids and arm bands. Weak swimmers may also use floatation aids.
  • No ball games within the paved and fenced area of the pool, irrespective of the size of the ball. Again these may prove a risk to other bathers.
  • No animals within the paved and fenced area of the pool. This is a legal requirement in Murcia.
  • No drinking glasses or glass bottles within the paved and fenced area of the pool. This is common sense and aims to avoid anyone, particularly young children, cutting themselves on broken glass.
  • No alcohol within the paved and fenced area of the pool. Again this is for safety reasons.
  • No food within the paved and fenced area of the pool. This aims to make the area attractive and inviting for all.
  • No smoking within the paved and fenced area of the pool. This is as a courtesy to other bathers.
  • Keep noise to acceptable levels. Again this aims to make the pool area attractive and inviting to all. The pools are also adjacent to apartment buildings where young children and others, for example, may be sleeping whilst the pools are in use.
  • No dangerous play. This aims to make the pool area safe for all users and avoid anyone being intimidated by over-zealous behaviour.
  • Children under 12 years MUST be supervised. For their own safety, children under 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the paved and fenced area of the pool at all times.
  • Wristbands MUST be worn by all bathers within the paved and fenced area of the pool at all times. Wristbands MUST NOT be kept hidden in beach bags, for example. Parents can wear a young child’s wristband. Alternatively a child can wear a wristband themselves around their wrist or ankle.
  • The grassed area around each pool is private land, owned by the Community. Wristbands MUST be worn by those enjoying these leisure areas too, if only for picnicking or sun bathing, for example.
  • We want only those that pay for the pool facilities to use them. Some people, without wristbands, sit in the grassed areas, and then use the pool as soon as the security check of the area has been completed.
  • Do not leave a sunbed in the paved and fenced area of the pool overnight. Sunbeds MUST be removed at the end of each day. They cannot be chained or secured in any way to the fencing or any other fitting within the paved and fenced area of the pool. If sunbeds are found to be chained and are apparently abandoned for more than 14 days after the first day of being recorded as such by Security, they will be removed.
  • The October 2014 General Meeting of Sub Community Presidents approved the Pool Rules and this additional information and explanatory notes. The need for babies and young children to wear swim nappies was requested at the 2015 Resort AGM and has now been added. The 2018 Resort AGM approved the authority for security to request people to leave the pool area for continual unruly behaviour,

General Points

  1. The communal swimming pools can only be used between 10.00 and 22.00 hours.
  2. Security staff will make regular inspections to ensure compliance with these rules. Your support for them is requested please.
  3. These are the emergency telephone contact numbers:
    Emergency – Urgencias 112
    Security – Seguidad 968 032 999

    Breaches of these rules should be reported to security and not individual committee members in order to ensure resources are properly directed

La Torre Committee

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