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Maps and Directions

La Torre Golf Resort is conveniently located on the C-3319 between San Javier and Murcia. It is 24km from San Javier (Murcia) Airport and 105km from Alicante Airport.

To get directions to La Torre use the route facility on the right hand side of the home page.

For those of you with a satnav the co-ordinates are:

Main Gate: (N) 37.82665 (W) 1.001151
Back Gate: (N) 37.809869 (W) 1.003286

The resort map shows the locations of rubbish bins, recycling points for paper, card and glass plus disposal of garden waste. Please ensure all rubbish is put into the bins and not left outside.

There are 7 recycling points located at

  1. Top of Arenque & Serrano - GPS – N.37.8223 W.001.0070
  2. Cinta (near the Supermarket car park) - GPS – N.37.8259 W.001.0044
  3. Salmonete (near the Hotel) - GPS – N.37.8242 W.001.0017
  4. Anchoa (on the roundabout) - GPS – N.37.8225 W.000.9982
  5. Besugo(on Denton)  - GPS – N.37.8156 W.001.0094
  6. Cazon (near rear gate) - GPS – N.37.8106 W.001.0037
  7. Cazon (near Jaqueton) - GPS – N.37.8163 W.001.0049

There is only 1 point for disposing of garden waste - please do not leave it anywhere else as the community could be liable for a fine

  1. Denton(near telecom tower) - GPS - N.37.8183 W.001.0109

The following is a list of dog poo bag dispenser locations. The resort map has been updated to show these locations. If you know of any additional locations please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

gardenwasteTo dispose of larger items, such as televisions, fridges etc, you need to take them to the Eco-Parque, which is approximately 2.5km from the back gate. 

Garden waste cannot be taken to be Eco-Parque but can be left for collection in the skip provided at the rear of the communications building on Denton (shown on the resort map with a green recycling symbol - the map also shows recycling points for paper card and glass with a yellow recycling symbol).

Please do not leave items on the pavements near bins, not only is it unsightly, it may result in the Community being fined by STV/Torre Pacheco Council

The resort map below includes the following details:

  • Resort phases
  • Names and location of the apartment blocks
  • Swimming pool locations and numbers
  • Garden Refuse disposal point (green recycling symbol).
  • The 7 recycling points (yellow recycling symbol) for paper, cardboard and glass
  • The 19 dog poo bag dispensors locations (dog symbol)

The map is designed to be printed as 2 A3 pages. In adddion a version is attached that will print 4 A4 pages and show the detail at the same resolution

These files are very large and you arer advised to only open then once and then save it on your device.

There is also a separate map showing just pool numbers and location

Download this file (La Torre Map A3.pdf)La Torre Map A3.pdf[ ]10956 kB
Download this file (La Torre Map A4.pdf)La Torre Map A4.pdf[ ]14819 kB
Download this file (pool locations.pdf)pool locations.pdf[ ]481 kB

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