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speedingThe following important letter has been prepared for all owners and renters.

Everyone at La Torre is asked to read this.

Dear Owner/Motorist:

Important message for all owners, renters and persons using the roads on

La Torre Golf Resort.

The purpose of this document is to inform neighbours, residents, workers and visitors of La Torre of the current traffic rules for vehicles within the Resort, and the measures that Torre Pacheco Town Hall will take soon to ensure its compliance.

The Management Team and Admiburgos recently resumed, at request of several presidents and neighbours, formal discussions with the Town Hall and the local police to control the speed of vehicles on our Resort. This problem has been addressed repeatedly by different Management Teams during the last few years due to the high number of traffic accidents that have occurred on the Resort, mostly caused by high-speed driving (fortunately, only material damage has occurred).

It has been identified that the problem increases at certain peak hours, coinciding with entry and exit time of Kings College. Additionally, many drivers use the Resort as a short cut to Roldan, without respecting the speed limits.

After several meetings with the Safety Councillor from Torre Pacheco Town Hall, Ricardo Fernández and the local police, they have proposed the establishment of speeding deterrent measures through the regular installation of mobile radars. They have also checked with Admiburgos all La Torre’s road markings, which will be adapted to the local regulations of the municipality. One of the main changes will be the speed limit, which will be changed to 40 km/h by decision of the Town Hall. Repainting of the existing road markings and changing the direction of some streets to promote circulation and prevent accidents will also be conducted. The installation of new elevated pedestrian zebra crossings will be considered, especially in those areas with a high risk of accidents (near playgrounds, parks, etc.).

The Town Hall has informed the Community that , from the 1st July 2014 the Local Police will start with speed-radar checks . We ask all owners to inform tenants / family / friends / keyholders to be aware of such action.

Please find below the rules, violations and fines related to speeding, which will be enforced within the Resort from 1st July 2014.


From 41km/h to 60 km/h, serious violation -no points (100 € fine) .

61 Km/h to 70 km/h, serious violation -2 points (300 € fine).

71 Km/h to 80 km/h, serious violation -4 points (400 € fine).

From 81 to 90 km/h, serious violation -6 points (600 € fine).

From 91 to 100 km/h, very serious violation -6 points (600 € fine).

101 km/h on, violation of Penal Code Article 379 (detailed below)

Article 379 Penal Code

1. Whoever would drive a motor vehicle or moped bike topping the maximum speed of over sixty miles per hour in urban roads or fifty miles an hour in a toll area other than allowed by regulation, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to six months or with a fine of six to twelve months or to work for the benefit of the community from thirty-one to ninety days, and in any case, with the deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and motorcycles for time exceeding one to four years.

Article 2 Scope (Real Decree 339 /90).

The provisions of this Act shall apply throughout the national territory and compel the owners and users of the roads and public lands unfit for circulation, both urban and intercity , the pathways and land, regardless of whether such fitness common use and, in the absence of other rules, holders of roads and private lands that are used by an unknown user community.

Article 1 Scope ( Royal Decree 1428 /2003).

1. The precepts of the Law on traffic movement of motor vehicles and road safety, these regulations and other provisions that develop will be applicable throughout the national territory and compel the owners and users of the roads and unfit for circulation, both urban and intercity, the pathways and land, without such capacity, are in common use and, in the absence of other standards, the pathways and private lands public lands that are used by an unknown user community.

2. Specifically, such provisions shall apply:

a) Holders of public or private roads, as defined in paragraph c), and its users, are already in the concept of owners, owners, drivers or occupants of vehicles or pedestrians in concept, and whether individually or circulate group .

To all natural or legal persons who, without being included in the previous subsection, be affected by those provisions also apply.

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