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The following important letter has been prepared for all owners and renters.

Everyone at La Torre is asked to read this.

Dear Owner,


Please inform all persons residing or renting your property.

The purpose of this notice is to inform La Torre owners and residents of the current Municipal Ordinance of Pets and the measures that Torre Pacheco Town Hall will take soon to ensure its compliance within the Resort.

This legislation is of applied throughout the municipality of Torre Pacheco including La Torre Golf Resort.

The issue of recurring problems with pets living in the Resort, primarily faeces on green areas, animals without a leash and barking etc. caused by dogs in the properties, has been addressed with Torre Pacheco Town Hall. They are currently conducting a campaign of information and control of the Ordinance mentioned above and the local police will begin the necessary actions for its successful enforcement within the Resort.

It is worth mentioning certain articles of particular importance to our Resort:

• Article 13.1: Abandoned animals are responsibility of the Town Hall.

• Article 18.3: Citizen Coexistence: eviction of animals in poor housing conditions or causing repeatedly discomfort/danger to the neighbours.

• Article 18.4: The property owner becomes responsible for the animal, if the animal’s owner cannot be identified/found.

• Article 19.1: Animal Transit: Animals walked on public roads must be provided with microchip and must be accompanied by the owner or a responsible person; the animal must also have a collar and leash or chain.

• Article 19.4: People who walk dogs and other animals, shall prevent the animal from depositing their droppings on sidewalks, promenades, gardens, and generally anywhere dedicated to pedestrian traffic ... If this cannot be prevented and the faeces are deposited on public roads, the owner of the animal or the person leading it must pick it up immediately. In a breach of this article, the animal owner will be responsible, and secondarily the person leading the animal. If none of these persons are identified, the animal will be taken by the relevant municipal service.

• Article 24: Municipal Intervention. Those animals whose owners are denunced for abuse or for keep them in places that do not meet the conditions imposed by this ordinance, may be intervened if the owner or caretaker do not rectify the problem.

• Article 28.2: Keeping of dangerous animals. Those animals of the canine species that are included below shall be considered potentially dangerous.

*a. Those who belong to one of the breeds listed in Annex I of this Ordinance and their mix crosses.

*b . Those whose characteristics correspond to all or most of those listed in Annex II.

Annex I: a. Pit Bull Terrier. b. Staffordshire Bull Terrier. c. American Staffordshire Terrier. d. Rottweiler. e. Bulldog Argentino. f. Brasileiro. g. Row Tosa Inu. h. Akita Inu.

Annex II: a) Strong musculature, powerful, robust, athletic constitution, agility strength and stamina b) Marked or aggressive character and great courage. c) Short hair. d) Chest measurement between 60 and 80 centimetres , height at withers between 50 and 70 centimetres and above and 20 kg weight, e) Bulky or square, head, robust, with wide, big and bulging skull and muscular cheeks. Large strong jaws, broad and deep mouth. f) Wide, short and muscled neck. g) Solid Chest, wide, large, deep, muscular and arched ribs and short loin. h) Straight, parallel, robust and very muscular hindquarters. Forelimbs with relatively long legs at a moderate angle.

*c. Those animals, canine or other species, not included in either a or b, but who show an aggressive behaviour, or had committed aggresions against other animals or persons.

• Article 29: Licence for possession of potentially dangerous animals: Owners or keepers of those animals mentioned above, residing in the town temporarily or permanently, are required to be provided with a handling license for keeping a dangerous animal, issued by the city of Torre Pacheco.

The City Council has informed the Community that from DEADLINE the Local Police will began periodic patrols to ensure the correct execution of this Ordinance within the Resort. We ask all owners to inform tenants / family / friends living on La Torre to be aware of such action.

Please find below the rules, violations and penalties related to breach of the Municipal Ordinance of Pets , which will be enforced within the Resort from DEADLINE.


Minor offences:

a) The possession of dogs unregistered, or not identified by the corresponding microchip.

b) The keeping of animals in abandoned lots and generally in those places where appropriate surveillance cannot be exercised over them.

c) Failure to comply with the deadlines for submission of documents as may be prescribed for the monitoring of an aggressive animal.

d) Walking on public roads without identification.

Serious Offences :

a) The non-removal of animal droppings in the street .

b) The keeping of animals without sufficient food or inadequate facilities, as stated in the Ordinance.

c) No vaccination or none compliance with required Pets treatments.

d) Failure to take the necessary precautions with aggressive animals under surveillance as instructed in paragraph 3 of Article 14.

e) Refusal or reluctance to provide data or provide the information required by the competent authorities or their agents, and the provision of inaccurate or false documentation.

f) Let loose a potentially dangerous animal or failing to take the necessary measures to prevent their escape or loss.

g) Breaching the obligation to identify a potentially dangerous animal.

h) Skipping the registration of a potentially dangerous animal.

i) Finding of a potentially dangerous dog in a public place without a muzzle or without a leash.

j) Circulating/walking on roads or public spaces without a leash or chain, belt or collar.

Very serious offences

a) Abandonment of an animal of any kind and any dog. An animal not accompanied by a responsible person will be considered abandoned, whether identified or not carrying any identification of their origin or ownership.

b) In the case of a potentially dangerous animal, according to Article 28, lack of production of the corresponding administrative licence.

c) Selling or conveyance of the title for any dog or potentially dangerous animal to someone who does not have the correct license.


Minor offenses will be punished with a fine of 30 to 300 euros

Serious offenses, a fine of 300.01 to 1750 euros

Very serious, a fine of 1750.01 to 3000 euros.

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